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Dental Awards Programme

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Categories Dental
  • Last Update January 28, 2022


What are the benefits of the Awards Programme?

In summary, every dental school applicant should be enrolled onto the Dental Awards Programme because:

1. It clarifies the ‘essential non-academic entry requirements’ set by dental schools.

2. It gives you access to Mentors for 2 hours every Friday from 3-5pm via Zoom.  That is over 100 hours of mentoring by doctors in a year!

3. It makes the process more fun and enjoyable.

4. It encourages you to keep track of all of your evidence, to make it easier to submit to medical schools when they ask for it.

5. It Gives you a national medical award to put on your CV, recognising your incredible extra and para-curricular achievements.

6. It Gives you a chance to be considered for the only national dental scholarship programme that secondary school students can apply for.

7. A chance to become an official member of the Dental Mentor Family!

Topics for this course

18 Lessons

The Dental Awards Programme

New Starter Form00:00:05
Welcome to the Awards Programme!00:00:48
Structure of the Programme00:00:56
Awards Curriculum00:01:42
Essential Requirements00:01:18
Minimum Requirements00:01:57
Application Knowledge00:02:29
Extracurricular Activities00:01:46
Developing Skills00:01:45
Presentation Skills00:01:27
Work Experience & Volunteering00:03:45
Leadership Skills00:01:03
Developing Independence00:02:14
Where do I upload my Evidence?00:00:51