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Interview Skills Checklist®

  • Course level: Year 12
  • Categories Medical
  • Last Update May 12, 2022

About Course

This e-learning module covers common interview themes and underlying theory, helping you to confidently answer any question thrown your way. Presented by Dr Iain Kennedy MB.ChB, BSc(Hons.)


Being invited to interview can be an exciting and daunting experience, but gaining the understanding the process can make it less stressful and help you feel more prepared.
Dr Kennedy breaks down everything you will encounter in a medical school interview, and checks off everything you will need to know; giving you insight and advice on how to present yourself, build confidence and comprehensively practice your new interview skills to show that you are a truly well prepared and worthy applicant for a place at university.

What Will I Learn?

  • The theory behind medical interviews.
  • Why certain questions are asked.
  • What selectors are looking for.
  • Why they actually want you to say.
  • How to best present yourselves at the interview.
  • The theory and communication phycology behind med-school interviews.
  • How to set up mock-interviews.

Topics for this course

50 Lessons


1. Introduction and Contents00:01:31
2. Introduction to Medical School Interviews00:03:14
3. Continuing Support from Medic Mentor00:00:59
4. Who Is This Module Primarily Intended For?00:02:54
5. Key Points Before We Begin00:05:17
6. Don't Be a Victim of Ignorance00:04:03
7. So Where Do You Stand00:03:37
8. Expected Outcomes for This E-Learning Module00:01:21
9. Theory Then Practice00:02:38

Before you Apply to Medical School

The Institution in Relation to Interviews

The Interviews?

Focusing directly on interviews, and how they vary between medical schools


Preparing for interview... intelligently!

Generic Medical Interview Assessment Areas?

Work SMARTer with Medic Mentor

Medical Interview Practice?

Applied interview theory and communication psychology


The different types of communication we use and how to utilise and analyse these to your own advantage.