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Study Mentor A-Level Biology: Cells, Biodiversity and Disease - WEX Library Study Mentor A-Level Biology: Cells, Biodiversity and Disease - WEX Library

Study Mentor A-Level Biology: Cells, Biodiversity and Disease

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About Course

Welcome to Study Mentors A-Level Biology: Cells, Biodiversity and Disease Mentoring Programme!
This course is taught by passionate Mentors currently in medical and dental school all of whom achieved A or A* in their A-Level Biology exam. It is designed to support A-Level students in mastering the intricacies of Biology, and covers the 3 main A level exam boards, OCR A, AQA and Edexcel.
As students themselves, our Mentors know that thorough preparation is key to achieving top grades and with that in mind, we aim to give you effective revision habits that enhance understanding, retention, and confidence on exam day.
The course provides you with a selection of revision tools:

  • Flashcards and practice questions offer a convenient and efficient way to review key concepts, equations, and definitions, reinforcing learning through repetition and active recall.
  • Video tuition which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, makes learning more flexible and convenient. As well as teaching the curriculum, our experienced Mentors share their knowledge and experiences of A level revision, providing learners with valuable insights and perspectives which can aid them in their own revision.
  • Content slides give you the information in a useful visual format that will aid in revision and understanding of the key concepts of Biology.


The Course is accessible until 31st August 2024

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Course Content

Polymers, monomers and carbohydrates

  • Polymers, monomers and carbohydrates

Lipids and the structure of ATP



Nucleic acids

Water, inorganic ions and tests for biological molecules

Eukaryotic cells

Prokaryotic cells and Binary Fission

Studying cells

The cell cycle and mitosis

Cell diversity and organisation


Pathogens and disease

Immune responses

Vaccination and autoimmunity

The genetic code

Semiconservative DNA replication

Transcription and translation


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