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Personal Statement Toolkit



Medic Mentor's Chief Mentor of the Personal Statement Tutoring Programme at Medic Mentor for the past 7 years, Dr Kennedy, has created a detailed personal statement e-learning course to walk students through the process of producing an excellent personal statement.  Please note that this is very specific to personal statements for medicine, dentistry and veterinary degrees.  Although there will be some overlap with other healthcare courses, it will not be suitable for students pursuing other careers.

Dr Kennedy's experience of reviewing and marking personal statements is unparalleled, having reviewed 1000s of personal statements and closely mentoring Medic Mentor Summer School students to produce personal statements of exceptional quality.  This is the reason why over 80% of these students have been called for interview and received (in the majority of cases) multiple offers to study medicine.  His tutelage has seen more than a generation of Medic Mentor Summer School Students become successful applicants.  Who better to learn from than Dr Kennedy himself.

We hope that you enjoy the course and please keep in touch to let us know how you are progressing!

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