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Medical Wider Reading & Ethics



Welcome to Medic Mentor's wider reading e-learning. Here you will be able to find out exactly what topics and information you will need to know before your Medical School Interview and to ensure you are well informed and have real insight into your future profession.

This will give you access to the Core Wider Reading and Medical Ethics e-learning:

Core Wider Reading

  1. Introduction to Wider Reading
  2. Contextual Sources
  3. Core Sources
  4. MSC vs GMC
  5. Medical Careers
  6. Evidence Based Medicine
  7. The National Health Service
  8. NHS Constitution, Principles & Values
  9. NHS Structure
  10. Commissioning 

Medical Ethics

  1. Why Learn Medical Ethics and Learning Agenda
  2. What Are Medical Ethics and Its Origins
  3. The Four Principles
  4. Case Study 1 - Euthanasia
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Case Study 2 - Confidentiality Case
  7. Consent and Capacity
  8. Case Study 3 - Mental Capacity
  9. Summary Points To Remember

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